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Dating in Cape Town has become really common but the challenge seems to be in finding the right dating site.

Singles in Cape Town can now rest assured that using the Dating za site will serve them well when it comes to finding a potential partner or soul mate.

It is kind of ironic to write about a subject that I have yet to succeed at.

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We have thousands of South African singles who want to connect with Cape Town singles.

Simply start your Western Cape search here: Cape Town Dating and Singles in Cape Town.

Get creative with what you pack, remember the wet wipes to clean your hands and stock up on the bubbly.

If you’re not brave enough to put together your own picnic bits for a first date, most supermarkets stock picnic-friendly bits and bobs, just remove them from the packaging before going out.

And don’t expect anything fancy”), decide on the venue and even buy you your first beer. Once I see someone I like, my flirting tactics include awkward staring into the distance, constantly talking, ‘creepy smile’ or substantial neglect. Here are a few thing you should know about dating in Cape Town It’s very easy when you come into a coffee shop. As the city is still ‘young’ when it comes to multicultural integration, Capetonians prefer to stick to who they know.

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