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by  |  04-Apr-2020 06:00

It is common knowledge that chatbots are the future (and the future is now).

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You can pay as much as £15 per click for even some regional keywords.

To save yourself some money and drive traffic to you dating site, the following quick tips may help you. Try and get yourself accepted as a guest poster at some of the leading dating blogposts and dating directories, you will get powerful and credible links and traffic that way.

The app comes with some unique features, too, like the Readiness meter, which depicts how ready someone is to have a long relationship or just go on a few dates.

Mutual also offers an option for LDS singles to share where they went on their mission, the app's creator and founder, Cooper Boice, told the Deseret News.

The simulator was designed to sell access to the customer’s dating site.

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