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lai guanlin: *takes it from you and solves it in 5.283 seconds*lee daehwi: *winces every time you make a wrong move* no, no, you do it. ooo OOOHHShhllkjeouch *body contortions bc he wants you to do it on your own but struggles to keep his pain inside*bae jinyoung: *jumps around to hype you up to keep trying* *would probably accidentally smack the cube out the window when you’re finally on the edge of solving it*park woojin: *peels off stickers to help you “solve” the rubix*park jihoon: honey. Mr Noble said: "A near miss to a child be struck, which I witnessed, in Burnell Gardens on the evening of May 6.

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"A car driving quite fast nearly struck the child - if it weren't for the father of the child and another man who sprinted to prevent it." He said the following morning on Saturday, May 7, when parents were dropping their children at the school for a Stagecoach lesson, one driver of a black range rover thoughtlessly blocked a resident's driveway while other parents parked inconsiderately.

Mr Noble said: "Instead of simply moving one driver became aggressive and it was touch and go whether an physical incident would flare up.

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In 2012, she created the tall high contrast fashion typeface Kilimanjaro.

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