Is icq good for sex chat intimidating site urbandictionary com

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Here is a typical example : **I give up** If you're a female on ICQ, then you get a whole world of insane requests.

From what I've learned by chatting to others, this will often be from (but not limited to) either Egyptians, Turks or Indians.

Much of this is free e-mail offered by companies like yahoo, google (hotmail) and others.

Visitors who chanced upon these pages can only read the contents but not actively participate in the site.

They’re static; whatever is there on the page is just there.

Because many of these programs are free and allege that they provide anonymity to the user, a cheating husband or cheating wife will often open up one of these free e-mail accounts to correspond with their cheating partner.

I've spent some time chatting to various people using ICQ and MSN, on and off over a period of about 2 years.

If you want to chat with me, then you can find me on ICQ, number 76-427-178.

Is icq good for sex chat

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