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With the relatively low color depth, the stored value is typically a number representing the index into a color map or palette (a form of vector quantization).

The colors available in the palette itself may be fixed by the hardware or modifiable within the limits of the hardware (for instance, both color Macintosh systems and VGA-equipped IBM-PCs typically ran at 8-bit due to limited VRAM, but while the best VGA systems only offered an 18-bit (262,144 color) palette from which colors could be chosen, all color Macintosh video hardware offered a 24-bit (16 million color) palette).

Modifiable palettes are sometimes referred to as pseudocolor palettes.

De onderstaande figuur toont nabijgelegen plaatsen in een straal van 24 km rond Vail.8 Bit Weapon is a chiptune music band formed by Seth and Michelle Sternberger.

The score was 15 minutes long and was played continuously in the gaming area of the party.8 Bit Weapon started around 1999 by remixing Commodore 64 SID tunes like Crazy Comets, M.

When referring to a color component, the concept can be defined as bits per component, bits per channel, bits per color (all three abbreviated bpc), and also bits per pixel component, bits per color channel or bits per sample (bps).

Color depth is only one aspect of color representation, expressing how finely levels of color can be expressed (a.k.a.

color precision); the other aspect is how broad a range of colors can be expressed (the gamut).

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