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The Education Week is a programme designed to deliver the 5 EUROSPINE Diploma Modules over a one week period.

The maximum number of modules that delegates can complete during the week is 3.

If the symptoms remain, use a POST card (if you have one) to see whether the board is partially functional and where it stops.

The aircraft can be controlled from local line-of-sight C-band command/control or Ku-band over-the-horizon satellite command/control.

Both the aircraft and support systems will be capable of being deployed both nationally and internationally in order to execute the desired missions.

The most prevalent approach for climate change mitigation is greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions.

On behalf of Metro, ECSS inventories GHG emissions resulting from operations and is working to reduce these emissions. Resiliency: The ability of a system to respond to threats and changing conditions by resisting damage, recovering quickly and continuing to provide its essential services.

Opening of the registration will be advertised in our newsletter. Discounts for EUROSPINE members are available: Module 1: 300 Euros for Members, 400 Euros for Non-members Other Modules: 800 Euros for Members, 1000 Euros for Non-members.

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