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So of course in my search to replace classic wardrobe essentials I started to stray.

Are we certain that men have actually evolved in the last century or so?

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A good rule of thumb is to choose one area of your body you want to reveal—whether that’s an above the knee skirt to show off your legs, a subtle scooped neck blouse to enhance your décolleté or an off the shoulders sweater to feature a graceful neckline.

3) Dress for the Situation Most first dates involve doing something very casual like grabbing a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Well for a start both seem to have a line that is catered towards the office wardrobe of the corporate woman. And both also seem to target the premium end of the market, matching each other’s prices (I recently paid full price for a new Rhodes and Beckett long sleeved white shirt is $159 and within the same season bought at full priced a CUE white shirt at $159, I didn’t realise before that they were matched for price until I pulled out the old tabs as I write this).

Their workmanship is also towards the better end of the spectrum (so definitely no H&M quality here).

This analysis considers revenue reported by institutions for institutional fiscal years ending during the 2013-14 award year.

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