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He played the roles of merchant, odd jobs man, student of grammar, reader of Shakespeare and Robert Burns, spinner of stories, and soldier.” New Salem friend Mentor Graham noted that Mr.Lincoln was often solicited to write letters for his less literate friends.She believed that running her home based on what she found by studying her children’s personalities would not only improve efficiency when it came to day-to-day tasks, but it would also (and more importantly) improve the satisfaction experienced by each member of the household.

While most biographies, particularly Making Time, emphasized her work with efficiency and Taylorism, few attribute her success as a homemaker to her keen mind for psychology.

Lillian Gilbreth emphasized personality analysis when delegating tasks in order to most efficiently utilize each family member’s strengths and weaknesses to accomplish tasks in the home.

However, conflict theories were rediscovered after social science became somewhat disenchanted with Parsons.

While it seems quite an intellectual stretch to include both aspects of conflict (i.e., enormous economic pressures on social structure versus individual personality conflicts), the two actually fit quite well. Marxist approaches to explaining the routines of social life are attractive, especially to younger intellectuals who search for simplistic answers to complex questions.

Measures to ensure trustworthiness and ethical principles were applied throughout the research.

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