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"You're a brutish oaf who crashes his motorcycle every day, who is rarely good at fighting, and even at sex you're just ." She said turning around to the shaking god.

Castrated by your son The odd spring scattered on the deep From Aphrodesia You sexless fraud From chaos choreographed Defiled us in a fit of rage The earth will find its way Violent storm, from mysterious vengeance lies Born from incest, as the evidence flipped its eyes Cross me with your wildness, snake-eyed warrior's knife Aquarius, the scorpion Your venom kiss, my guardian I trust your touch, I trust your cries Render the knife, cut off my kind My, you, they, we, us My, you, they, we, us My, you, they, we, us My, you, they, we, us Interestingly, the song about Uranus, the primordial father of the Roman pantheon, comes immediately following the song about Venus, the goddess birthed from the blood of his castration.

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It’s elusive to define but prevalent in our vocabulary. In Greek mythology, the almighty Zeus created a woman named Pandora.

Painful when absent, powerful when present, hope draws its power from the past, empowers individuals in the present, but always concerns something in the future.

The wild right hook he threw was blocked expertly, her right hook connected with explosive force sending the War God into and through a wall.

"Yes Ares, I faked most of those orgasms simply because you just weren't good enough for me. So let's end this little farce before I hurt you even more okay? Ares snapped, screaming a battle cry as he charged the Love Goddess who merely sighed and shook her head.

Stunned by her beauty and charmed by her personality, over time Epimetheus would ask for Pandora’s hand in marriage.

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