extrovert woman dating introverted men - Aquarius dating an aquarius male

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Once you prove this, the Waterbearer will tiptoe out of a casual connection and into an adventurous, often unpredictably wacky relationship.

Get ready for plenty of spice in this partnership—as long as you can keep up, you’re sure to remain entertained, enthralled, constantly learning, and exploring with your Aquarius love.

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But if you believe in the construct of psycho-spiritualism, it doesn’t take long to recognize that that the essence of our humanity comes to us in different forms and pathways.

What follows is a detailed breakdown Aquarius, including information about this Zodiac’s symbol.

Most of all they share a fierce love of independence; while the Aries cannot tolerate anyone ordering him/her around, the Aquarian is the original rebel of the zodiac system, doing what they wish to do and believing in their own systems of values.

Both are also ruled by different planets; in case of Aries it is the fiery red planet Mars which imbues the sign with a love of action and motion.

The 11th sign of the zodiac is so unconcerned and unbothered by others’ opinions of their often eccentric lifestyle and quirky personality, everyone’s just got to find out who they are and what they’re all about.

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