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A mash-up of 1950s rockabilly and 1970s punk with a horror B-movie aesthetic, it was loud, lairy and silly, which is hugely attractive when you're a loud, lairy, silly 14-year-old.

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OUT OF LUCK already played with bands like Mad Sin, Batmobile, Frenzy, Demented are Go, Nekromantix or The Forgotten, V8 Wankers and Nine Pound Hammer, which emphasizes their live qualities.

Some mentionable gig highlights were the PSYCHOMANIA RUMBLE, the BEDLAM BREAKOUT in England, the PINEDA PSYCHOBILLY MEETING in Spain, the CLUB SIN in Finland or the legendary SATANIC STOMP in Germany - the biggest Psychobilly festival in the world!

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Psychobilly dating

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