How to overcome shyness when dating net liquidating value

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So, if you're the shy guy out there, then listen to this once over again and take some notes on why it's really really important to overcome shyness, or at least get to a really comfortable talking with both women and men. I don't know if I should put myself out there." That's a form of being shy.

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Kashdan and Roberts (2006) conducted research on the tendency to feel both anxiety and curiosity in social interactions.

As the authors explain, "Unfamiliar [social] experiences evoke feelings of both anxiety, (due to conflicts with existing knowledge and feelings of low personal control), and curiosity, (due to a natural propensity for pursuing potential rewards and personal growth opportunities)".

Join Me on Facebook Subscribe to My Podcast Today -- Transcript -- Hey Its me another back with another pod cast hows everyone doing hopefully really really well. These inadequacy feelings actually brings on shyness.

So, it's a bit it's a bigger issue than just surface level.

Everyone takes turns introducing himself, explaining what brought him out on a Saturday evening to a dating coach’s class for the socially anxious.

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