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Written and presented by Valens NYANDWI UG: 11112257 SUPERVISOR: Mr. Policy objective 3: Put in place mechanisms for SMEs to access appropriate business financing 31 2.10.3 Policy objective 4: Simplify the fiscal and regulatory framework for SMEs growth 32 2.10.4 Policy objective 5: Develop an appropriate institutional framework for SMEs development 33 2.11 General failure causes of the Small and medium enterprises and how to avoid them in the world? Failure causes of small and medium enterprises in Rwanda 35 CHAPTER III: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 36 3.1. The Rwandan economy faces a complexity of problems, which are rooted in socio-economic structure and history of violence and injustice.

Claude BIZIMANA Done at Huye, June 30» Case of Huye water enterprise, is my original work and has never been presented elsewhere for any other academic qualification at any university or institution of higher learning. Student name: NYANDWI Valens Date: 18/ 6 / 2014............................................................ Hence the low agricultural productivity, famine and frequent droughts; high population growth, low human resource development, high transport costs and environmental degradation contribute tremendously to the structural problems which led to huge macroeconomic difficulties.

Struggling to seal deals in the United States as regulatory scrutiny tightens, Chinese companies looking to invest in promising technology are finding a warmer welcome for their cash in Israel.

Chinese firms have long hunted in the United States for deals to develop their technological know-how and open up new markets, but their quarry has become more elusive since late 2016 due to increased US protectionism and a tougher regulatory stance.

Analysts expect dozens of lesser-known companies to follow if they can, and they see the pipeline of Chinese companies trying to list in New York drying up. On Thursday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang encouraged more of such companies to return, particularly those with "special ownership structures," referring to the contractual loopholes employed by many Chinese firms to evade restrictions on foreign ownership.

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