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Some members flood and spam the chat rooms, Some creating fake profiles with the same exact spelling of an already existing profile. I saw one member get harassed and they posted her real name and address. I have been harassed and stalked myself to the point of closing my account, and i will not be returning anytime soon. Its a thing call Denial of Service attack and this site to seem to be under one.

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These include websites, computer games, emails, chat-rooms, discussion groups and music merchandising.

White people say immigrants are lazy, but at the same time complain jobs are disappearing because of them.

It illustrates the types of Internet material that are of concern to racial equality and human rights groups in this country and the international community.

The web addresses or names of the racist sites sampled are not included so as to avoid inadvertently publicising these groups.

By contrast, terms such as 'racism' and 'racist material' do not indicate any assessment of the lawfulness or otherwise of the conduct.

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