Sex no strings attached dating

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“Only some of us are into casual sex,” O’Reilly says.

And, if you try it out and decide it’s not for you, it’s your prerogative.

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Your rules of engagement should include agreement on several key issues: It is likely that one or both of you will develop an attachment issue.

The thought is bound to cross your mind at some point, and it will definitely cross hers. If she brings up going exclusive or converting it to a “real” relationship and you absolutely don’t want that, tell her so. Don’t be vague, tell her straight out that although you enjoy the sex, that is really is all you are interested in.

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You end up looking like a dick for just wanting her for sex even though that it was she said she wanted as well. So how do you know if you have picked the right girl for an NSA situation? But there are some simple rules of engagement that you two can sort out ahead of actually entering into a sexual relationship that can help you decipher her intentions and the probability of you looking like a dick later down the road.

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