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We had an hour-long IM chat before she agreed to meet me for coffee.

I added her on Facebook, then called her a few days before our date.

He tells us that he was a native of Umbria, where it borders on Etruria, but nowhere mentions the exact spot. The latter's computation proceeds on very strained inferences, which we have not space to discuss; but it may possibly be sufficient to state that one of his results is to place the tenth elegy of the second book, in which Propertius talks about his extreme aetas (5.6) in B. 25, when, according to Hertzberg, he was one-and-twenty! 51, is a much more probable one, and agrees better with the relative ages of Propertius and Ovid. 37), nor can the inference that it was equestrian be sustained from the mention of the area bulla (4.1. 129); but of this he was deprived by an agrarian division, probably that in B. 36, after the Sicilian war, and thus thrown into comparative poverty (, Ib. At the time of this misfortune he had not yet assumed the toga virilis, and was therefore under sixteen years of age.

Conjecture has assigned it, among other towns, to Mevania, Ameria, Hispellum, and Asisium; of which one of the two last seems entitled to the preference. Lachmann, however, was the first who placed it so low as B. For several reasons, too long to be here adduced, it might be shown that the year assigned by Mr. 131), which was the common ornament of all children who were ingenui. He had already lost his father, who, it has been conjectured, was one of the victims sacrificed after the taking of Perusia; but this notion does not rest on any satisfactory grounds.

That he was carefully instructed appears from the learning displayed in his writings, and which was probably acquired altogether at Rome; the smallness of his means having prevented him from finishing his education at Athens, as was then commonly done by the wealthier Romans.

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