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OPINION: It's no secret that boys and men are rewarded for speaking out about gender equality where girls and women are punished.

Male politicians declare themselves feminists because it looks good on their political resumes, while female politicians (most notably those on the right of the political divide) are careful to denounce the movement, understanding that their allegiance with it will not only be judged differently but used as further evidence that they're after "special treatment" or some other nonsense.

Why, despite everything we apparently believe about a woman's independence and rights to autonomy, is it still automatically assumed that a woman will change her name when she marries, asks Clementine Ford.

Now that I am in my early 30s, I have noticed more and more of my peers are getting married.

* When feminists treat men badly it's bad for feminism * Why men should be feminists * Feminism is not obliged to make room for men So I was unsurprised when a pro-feminist video made by prefects from Sydney Boys' High School in Australia for this year's International Women's Day amassed a significant number of shares in a very short period of time.

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