Blogs about black women dating white men agency boston dating

by  |  17-Mar-2020 15:32

There's been a lot of talk over the past few months over the dating prospects for black women.

Besides the occasional dip, I've tried to stay clear as I think this is the kind of conversation where there's a lot of condemnation and very little exploration.

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Age gap dating is nothing new, but have you ever wondered why some white older guys prefer black young women?

First of all, many of them simply love their attractive dark skin complexion.

What may have been surprising was that the podcast generated many hits.

To me this indicated that there are others who are searching for answers.

Go ahead and talk about me on listservs and in your homes, however. In fact, this step was how I decided whether or not to even start down this rabbit-hole.

Blogs about black women dating white men

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