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But Lilly pads every bold statement with a remarkable amount of charm and punctuates her words with such an intoxicating laugh that it becomes impossible to hear her opinions and not take her side on nearly every issue.

“My forte in life is overcomplicating things and overthinking things and being much too deliberate and serious about everything while laughing my way through it all,” she says. Up to that point in my career, I felt as though acting was a bit of a backseat job and difficult to use as a creative outlet because I just felt like I don’t get to create; I have to perform someone else’s creation.

She’s a bit of a Hollywood rebel, to say the least, choosing Hawaii as her home base, although she’s a self-described “nomad” who hasn’t lived in one place for more than six months in a very long time. [But] I don’t live in LA, and I never will.” Her life is filled with paradoxes that, just by being matter-of-fact about them, she persuades you to accept. So, yeah, I don’t know why I’m a loner.” It’s the charm of the gregarious introvert—a common Hollywood oxymoron—that allows Lilly to be a successful loner, with complete control of her career and the ability to make bold statements both on-and off-screen. “From the get-go, I was offered this opportunity to play a hand in creating her,” Lilly says of Tauriel, a character that didn’t exist by name in the books by J. As a person who is a writer at heart, that was always hard for me.” The change in perspective even has Lilly seeing her days in a different light.

It’s why she can say things like “I’m a bit of a loner, always have been,” and before you can ask how such a thing is possible for a successful actress in a schmoozy industry like entertainment, she continues, “Oh my God, I just took a big bite of peanut butter, and now my tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth. She looks back now, remembers watching whales breach the waters off the Hawaiian coast, and says, “There were those moments where you pinch yourself and you go, ‘Oh my God, this is my office.’” What the Canadian-born actress really had trouble with during those years was fame.

“We’ve got lumberjacks and flannel shirts and pine trees and snow,” Lilly says of her hometown.

If it wasn’t for them pulling me out of bed and saying you are coming and working with us, I might have retired at that point, I may have never done a film again.” She’s largely kept to her word.

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