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by  |  21-Dec-2019 13:31

Often, getting over someone means dealing with all the practical paraphernalia that partnerships bring in their wake.Dealing with this can often be such a painful reminder of what you’ve lost that we often put off sorting things out.

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Some of us can barely stand on our own two feet and yet, we’re looking for love (in all the wrong places) to fill the void.

Men and women who are lonely, impatient and desperately afraid of being alone will often take a leap of faith before they’re ready.

"I will never find someone else," she remembers sobbing.

"I will be alone the rest of my life." But she found the courage to get up, change her life, and do things that gave her confidence and joy.

Perhaps the most important thing is learning from what happened. This means not accepting blame from a partner that you are the one who was solely responsible for things not working out.

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