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The test policy is complementary to, or a component of, the organization's Quality Policy, which describes the basic views and aims of a company, regarding quality, as pursued by management.

The Test Handbook is a framework document which describes the test steps to be excuted to address risks which should be covered by software testing. The test concept describes the test steps and test activities to be executed for a particular project.

availability metrics by using uptime metrics that present data in the best light (an issue of data integrity) to maximize managerial bonuses by excusing (deducting) downtime from the calculations to put lipstick on the pig.

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The RBD models allow calculation of system reliability based on knowing/assuming failure details of the components, starting with the least component and growing the model to the greatest system to predict performance from the elements.

Frequently used as a trade-off tool to search for the lowest long cost of ownership and to help sell alternative courses of action for moderating the effects of reliability issues or overcoming the poor performance by alternative designs where the results can be calculated before building the system as the results of the calculations provide knowledge about availability, maintenance interventions required for failures, and the number of spare parts required to sustain operations.

Be specific about requirements for building reliability block diagrams, using quality function deployment, performing failure mode and effects analysis, conducting fault tree analysis, and finally, conducting design reviews for reliability.

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[Wikipedia]A combinatorial software testing method that, for each pair of input parameters to a system (typically, a software algorithm), tests all possible discrete combinations of those parameters. Any condition that deviates from expectation based on requirements specifications, design documents, user documents, standards, et, or from someone's perception or experience.

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