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in English to veterans in journalism—knows the frustration of not having the right word immediately available in that lexicon one carries between one's ears.Sometimes it's a matter of not being able to recall the right word; sometimes we never knew it.

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"There is a large difference between the initial supplies that you've got, so probably more rockets, more funding, so you can buy more expensive equipment. One of them may want you to have as big a colony as possible, bring a lot more people from Earth, the other ones might want you to extract precious metals and send them back to Earth."So they all reward different type of behavior.

And also, they penalize particular behavior, and even can have an end-game condition, like, if somebody dies, you're out, mission is cancelled, so you lose the game essentially."After outfitting your initial rocket with equipment (rovers, transport vehicles, and orbital probes to explore the terrain), you'll select a landing site on Mars.

The Ewin family from Great Ellingham near Attleborough hired builder Alan Blanchflower to extend and renovate their farmhouse on Watton Road in late 2015.

But they have been left with an uninhabitable, half-finished home with no windows or doors after giving him around £100,000, while living in a cold, damp caravan.“It’s been very difficult and stressful. The children need space to run around,” Mary Ewin, a nurse, said.

Write down the words in one column; then, later, when you have a dictionary at your disposal, write down a common definition of the word; in a third column, write a brief sentence using the word, underlined. In the pauses of your busy day—when you're sitting on the bus, in the dentist's office, during commercials—take out the paper and review your vocabulary words until you feel comfortable that you would recognize (and be able to use) these words the next time you see them.

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