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Are they referencing other games (say, something from Second Life) or are they making stuff up? Not because of the message what ever it would of been but because it got lost in a shitty music video. But since it is an online game being played by real people, the chat can be significantly more explicit than the pre-programmed game elements.They purposely never show gameplay or identify the actual game they play, but everything about the series indicates it's Wo W or something very much like it. You'll have players doing sex chat, perhaps, and I guess you could position two characters in ways that would suggest there were having sex, but it'd be kludged together. If thats gets people off then thats cartoon porn or wow cartoon porn.... I think that Blizzard officially frowns upon 'cyber-sex' in the in-game chat, but there's nothing they can do to completely eliminate it.Which line(s) from the song do you think implies there's sexual content? There's a special server where avatars have explicit nudity through custom skins. Wo W porn is boring and tends to be more suggestive and comedic and the avatars are hideous. There's some of the "chainmail bikini" style armor but that's relatively rare.

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