Dating momentum

by  |  28-Mar-2020 01:41

I loved this question because as a dating coach, you don’t see too many new challenges under the sun.

It’s information overload and you’d better have a cheat sheet beside you to keep track of your men. To them – as they’re expecting their date to actually be focused on THEM; and to her, because she may be burning through too many quality guys at once.

It’s easy to talk about the problem of not liking anyone, but it’s also a serious problem to like three guys at the same time. The second reason I wasn’t a fan of the four-date plan was this: she was operating out of fear.

I really want someone who will put our family first.

She just doesn’t seem like the kind of person who will do that.” There are a couple of other comments that I want to share about what men are looking for that makes them call a woman back.

It is so important that you don’t just avoid the mistakes that we’re talking about but that you are proactive in showing him all of the reasons why he should call you back.

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