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DNO, your only source for news that is iit - Independent. Three months ago I came into contact with a young guy through the work that I do. I was so weakened by his close contact I had to leave the place.

I am a young married lady in my 30’s and has been married for six years.

Facebook chatting aunty

If you access your email via an app on your computer, such as Windows Live Mail or Outlook, then look for a security section somewhere under the “tools” menu or the settings icon and from there look for something like “email account settings” and a tick box which will be something like “Always prompt for logon credentials” or “remember passwords”.

However If you are using the web to get to your email then it will be your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox.

We prefer it that way as we believe it is more secure but recently we’ve not needed enter our login details as Outlook has saved our name and password, and try as I might, I cannot find a way of reverting back to how it was.

No amount of searching Outlook help or Google searches has revealed the answer. Aunty Says: The exact procedure will really depend on how you are accessing you email and what versions of things you are using, but I’ll try and give you some idea of where to look.

We have chosen to bleep out the name of company involved to protect the not-so-innocent.

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