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To soften a beard for shaving, towels were heated in a steam cabinet and wrapped around a man’s chin; to minimize nicks and razor burn, foaming soap suds were mixed in a shaving mug using a brush made from badger or hog whiskers.

Generally, razors designed for the barbershop were unadorned, while those for home use sometimes included elaborately carved blades or handles.

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Make sure to look for nice clean examples with original cases and paperwork.

The online shaving store The Executive Shaving Company usually has a few of these original 1960s razors in stock as well (see their current Vintage Gillette Slim listings).

Now that's a pretty cool 1960s spy gadget sequence that the modern Bond films can take an example of.

The Gillette Slim Adjustable 1-9 razor is still easy to find on e Bay (see below for the most recent offerings).

In the handle of the razor he has hidden the tracking device.

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