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▼ Whether intentional or not, this picture from Mishima’s resident information page is extremely apt.

But while their numbers aren’t as great as those who want to relocate from the countryside to the big city, there are some people in Japan considering making the move in the opposite direction.

They are untouched and offer a complete change of scenery in a subtropical climate.

We visited the three main islands, each offering a range of things to do: Ishigaki, the main one, and an ideal base for scuba diving trips, Taketomi for beach fun, and Iriomote for adventure.

But what about tropical islands, pristine reefs, secluded beaches and jungles?

Head a thousand miles south of Tokyo and you stumble upon a less talked-about Japanese destination: the Yaeyama Islands.

China's official Xinhua news agency said the agreement was "an encouraging icebreaker that has been painfully overdue".

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