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Somehow it makes him supernaturally smart as he's not preoccupied with making whoopee. (Click here for vid.) "That's it we're back together." Puddy and Elaine have an on-again, off-again relationship.Sometimes on, off and then on, but just for two hours, in the same day.It is a big source of embarrassment for the couple, according to Jerry, who agrees with her wholeheartedly that dating couples should never venture out in the open.

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They let us know that the jerk-store wasn't a real comeback, taught us manners regarding a double-dipped chip and taught us that we didn't have to celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanza for Festivus was for the rest of us.

But the show's real brilliance was in how it treated the relationships of four uptight, self-centered New Yorkers trying to find one person who is just good enough for them.

For the 20th anniversary of Seinfeld, the 20 best relationship moments. All the way back in 1990, a young comedian in a blazer, blue jeans and sneakers teamed up with a crotchety old cuss and produced nine seasons of pop culture gold.

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David spun everyday that-happened-to-me-isms into one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time.

Kramer finds the word "isosceles" so interesting, that he wants to name his hypothetical child isosceles.

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