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Although he name-drops people like Allen Ginsberg, Bettie Page and Che Guevara, the songs are more film noir than documentary, exploring environments and ideas that are usually left to art-films or graphic novellas---or to someone like Tom Waits (an often-cited comparison).

The most striking thing about this album and songs like “Way Back When,” “Spread ’em” and “The Rebel,” in particular, is that Terfry is inventive while maintaining a thematic familiarity, avoiding the calls of “we heard that before” that plague many artists around as long as him.

How much it pays off, however, depends on how smart the investment was in the first place.

Terfry is also a radio host, hosting the weekday Radio 2 Drive show on CBC Radio 2 since September 2, 2008.

Terfry was born in 1972 and raised in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia, a rural community 40 km north of Halifax.

Richard Terfry (born March 4, 1972), better known by his stage name Buck 65, is a Canadian alternative hip hop artist.

Underpinned by an extensive background in abstract hip hop, his more recent music has extensively incorporated blues, country, rock, folk and avant-garde influences.

Terfry was initially interested in pursuing a career in professional baseball, and at age 16, was scouted by the New York Yankees; however, his dream was ended following a shoulder injury.

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