Updating your kitchen for 1 500

by  |  14-Dec-2019 13:23

Two and a half years ago, my husband and I fell in love with a very simple home.

It was incredibly plain, but we saw a lot of potential in it.

For instance, even though my husband and I did not like anything about our kitchen, we still considered the possibility of keeping either the cabinets or the flooring, and complementing them with the rest of the changes. Once I find what I am looking for, I get it just so I can be done shopping.

Ultimately, we decided that we could have a very nice kitchen even if we kept our old cabinets, and it saved us a ton of money.2. During our kitchen project, we learned how to tile, build a frame, drywall, and lay flooring by watching instructional videos on the Internet. It drove me crazy that my husband would want to keep looking even when we found something decent.

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