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Police Detective Andy Bath says Fultz gave a 100-year-old patient a simulated lap dance in December at The Commons of Providence in Sandusky.

I met Bob at a restaurant on a summer afternoon in 2014.

I was enjoying a glass of white wine and sharing an entree with a good friend when he sat down next to us at the bar.

“I don't think it's your writing he's interested in,” she said.

I thought back to the white-haired gentleman at the bar who was easily old enough to be my father and shook my head. Over the next couple of weeks, Bob sent me several samples of his writing without a trace of any innuendo or flirtation.

WAUKESHA COUNTY — A 48-year-old Bayside man is facing charges after he tried to meet with who he believed was a 14-year-old girl and intended to have sex with her.

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