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There might also be instances when there is an error on people’s Social Security cards, and they need to have them corrected.

Social Security Office The most traditional and common way to change the name on a Social Security card is to visit a local Social Security office and fill out the application for a new Social Security card.

Deliver your completed Form SS-5, certified copy of your new birth certificate and all other relevant documents to the local Social Security office or Social Security Card Center.

Updating social security card

You must provide evidence that the number is being misused, and that the misuse is causing you significant continuing harm.

If you apply for a new Social Security number, you must prove Getting a new Social Security number probably won’t resolve all the problems related to the theft of your identity.

The most common times when people change their names is when they get married, divorced, become adopted or simply have their names legally changed for whatever reason.

When people change their names, though, they should update their name changes on their Social Security cards.

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