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Do you have Ultradev/Dreamweaver MX, or just vanilla Dreamweaver 4.0 (or earlier)?

Dreamweaver MX and Ultradev allow you to define a testing server for live data purposes.

Then try downloading that same file from your web browser using the League File URL.

2) For League file name in both Upload and Download, you don't need to provide the full or gz.

__________________ Fidel Montoya Asahi2 Baseball ex-Commissioner(Historical League Since 2004) web hosting - Customized sites for online leagues - Sign up, Connect OOTP and Play!

) Share Your Mods - Free, unlimited and easy to upload to share your Mods instantly(free site registration required) Here is my issue, when i started my league i assign all the GM to their own teams, when i found out about the new way to do online game, i sign in (being the commish)and register my league.

I thought temp names rolled/changed so as to not overwrite each other. My ISP did something (I don't know what..a lot of typing) and I reset my upload to "passive FTP" and everything now works. They should be erased automatically after the synchronization, but maybe something happened during the synchronization and they weren't erased.

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