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For about almost 8 years coming to this chat site, I never thought that I meet so many people I care about today! Well I guess my favorite room and that always keeps me laughing would have to be the prep room just because of all the posers, lol, but i cant say it isnt worth my time, so if your ever in the Prep room be sure to talk to me. You can go to so many chats and meet so many different people its a place i have been hanging out at for about 5 years now. I already met a girl on here, her name is Jenny and I have been dating her since I came on here for the first time so I am very happy with this site. teen chat's a great place to hang out and meet other people.I totally recommend this place to meet really cool Fr Ea KS on here. I meet some of the best people here Zane, Lilly, Kenji, Nightroad,ryu,and so many more!! Teen chat is the most incredible free chat room on the web! I would say in my honest opinion, this is better than Yahoo, MSN etc. It's also a great place to joke around with friends online.Online chatting has become a trend not only among adults but also among kids and teens, alike.

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Kids are fond of chat rooms because they can contact their old friends and make new friends over the Internet.

Apart from all these, online chatting when used judiciously is an effective tool for sharing knowledge.

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Thanks for everything you did in giving me that chance with him and meeting many more people.

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