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Bought a i Phone 5 from Target (Trac Fone) for Christmas. They cannot seem to find a phone number for the phone.

Did not need to activate it until now Aug - for school. I do not know how many times you can hear "bear with me please" and the "system is slow today".

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I had always been happy with the Trac Fone experience before. The people are very hard to understand, and it seems you never get a straight answer to your question. Paid 2 months service for 1 month service with absolute refusal to return my money owed. The problem arose when I started having problems with service. Very condescending person at customer service did not allow that this could be a mistake on their part. So I called and waited 40 minutes to get a representative to talk to.

Ads on Tracfone site are not correct to what the people (Based in Philippines) tell you. Very unhappy with the experience, and will be looking for another phone when I use these minutes. Going to small claims and BBB and left message with attorney general. One day, I could not access cellular data on my phone. Meanwhile they messed up my account from start and had me on phone 2 times at over 40 minutes each time - One to get my phone activated took 3 days and 3 way call with Consumer Cellular to get it done... Use new email and you'll get in..." BUT I can't get in with NEW email but lo and behold just for fun I tried my old email... She told me that this promotion card has been used. I bought a Samsung phone from QVC with prepaid 1350 minutes from Tracfone on May 2017.

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