Updating firmware huawei e220

by  |  13-Apr-2020 19:14

How to Upgrade / Downgrade Firmware In Huawei Modem There is same way to send unlock code to E220 Modem As we had already covered How-To Send Unlock Code to Modem As i already said E220 can be operated by any Huawei Dashboards .If you have failed to update your Firmware or Bricked the device you can check trying following steps: Step 1 : Find a Windows XP Machine Find a Machine running Windows XP , actually Win XP is really needed for this.

updating firmware huawei e220-36updating firmware huawei e220-78

i tried using various other O/S as Vista or Win 7 you cannot perform This !!

Step 2 : Plug the USB device Plug the USB device and wait till it detect it..

has the web's largest collection of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 device drivers for a Huawei Modems.

Please select the correct driver version and operating system for download Huawei E220 (3G HSDPA USB) device driver.

You can find following items for your Huawei E220 modem Huawei E220 drivers can be found in our Huawei Drivers section on Huawei Firmwares.

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