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Just when you thought you were out, the Champions Trophy pulls you back in.Like a B-movie action hero, it’s a tournament constantly on the verge of being killed off, only to make a miraculous comeback at the very last minute.The walk up was awesome – and to arrive to the Pod is truly a sight to behold. Every day in New Zealand nature puts on a show and you are invited to participate in a way that even when the doors are shut you are not shut out.

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As for these latter, only those will be described which I have had some special opportunity of examining during the last few years. Regarding the term “coastal vegetation,” it is not generally feasible to set any hard-and-fast limit as to its boundaries. (at that time Minister of Marine), for the opportunities thus afforded of visiting some little-known places on the coast and many of the adjacent small islands. Bollons, who assisted, me in every way possible to carry on my work, my most hearty thanks are due. Here it need only be pointed out that rocks of diverse lands occur—volcanic, granitic, calcareous, sandstone, shale, &c.

Each account will treat of some special part of the coast, and be complete in itself, therefore no classification of the formations will be attempted, nor any such presentation of them in a connected sequence as would be necessary were the coastal vegetation of the South Island as a whole the theme. Generally speaking, it is confined to quite a narrow zone following the coast-line, and determined, amongst other things, by the salt in the soil, the average distance sea-spray may blow inland, and the configuration, of the land. How far plant-distribution is correlated with the composition or age of the geological formations has not been worked out at any detail as yet for any part of New Zealand; at most a few very general facts are available.

I can honestly say it was an unforgettable experience.

I loved it and hope I can do it again sometime very soon. Pure Pods is a total immersion, totally private experience of your own slice of beauty.

Properly speaking, the South Island of New Zealand does not form a distinct phytogeographical province. Together with these comes a more equable climate than further inland, so far as extremes of temperature are concerned, but at the same time there is often strong insolation and bright illumination.

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