Early dating of the gospels

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A well-known and leading Critical Scholar in New Testament Origins Professor of New Testament at Princeton University, Chair of the Editorial Board for the UBS and Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament.

Senior Editor for the New Testament of the NRSV Translation Team.

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When the New Testament was written is a significant issue, as one assembles the overall argument for Christianity.

Confidence in the historical accuracy of these documents depends partly on whether they were written by eyewitnesses and contemporaries to the events described, as the Bible claims.

Here's an example of just the early dating on Matthew:from a site called "Dating the New Testament"Professor of New Testament at The Catholic University of America, Past President of the Society of Biblical Literature Chair of the Synoptic Studies Division of SBL.

Author of the 2 Volume Commentary on Luke in the Anchor Bible Series.

" Answer: It is important to understand that the dating of the Gospels and other New Testament books is at best an educated guess and at worst foolish speculation. For example, in the past many liberal theologians have argued for a later dating of many of the New Testament books than is probably warranted or valid, in an attempt to discredit or cast doubts upon the content and authenticity of the Gospel accounts.

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