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This committee, along with the Carrier Medical Director for the state of Arizona, review proposed and revised drafts that will then be accepted as the local medical review policy.

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Since January 2017 a sensor wristband that, according to the manufacturer, is capable of detecting a woman's fertile days in her cycle with 89 percent certainty has been on the market. Science is fascinating to many, but sentences that are full of expert-level terms and description can scare away even the most passionate readers.

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He has been married for 30 years to wife, research coordinator and co-author of numerous articles, Mary Grado. This image guided, interactive technique had a marked improvement over previous techniques because it allowed for the precise placement and distribution of radioactive sources throughout the prostate. Grado has personally performed over 4,000 brachytherapy procedures. Grado was personally invited by Jane Hull, the Governor of Arizona to be a member of the Prostate Cancer Task Force. Grado also is an invited member of the Arizona Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee.

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