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Let’s take a look at the real story behind aluminum wiring.

Dispelling the Myths We hear regularly that aluminum wiring has been recalled and that it is no longer approved or permitted in homes—neither of these is true.

(MORE: Building Regulations Guide) You should be able to tell if a house has been rewired recently by inspecting exposed parts of the wiring and by the electricity meter and fuse box (now known as the consumer unit).

At worst, faulty electrics can be a serious fire hazard and can lead to injury or electrocution.

This is why electrics were brought in to the building regulations under Part P.

As a home inspector, it’s important to be able to provide your clients with accurate information to help with their big decisions.

The best place to start is quality home inspector training, where inspectors can start learning or brush up on the truths behind common home systems, such as the electrical system.

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