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But when pop fails to pay up and Timberlake shows his softer side by not killing her, she decides a hunky hostage-taker is at least more honest and exciting than her previous boring ivory-tower life.

So before long, she gets over her minor pique at being misused, hops in the sack with Timberlake, and decides to help out by using herself as a weapon against her father. The 39 Steps (1935)To be perfectly fair, Robert Donat doesn’t actually set out to kidnap Madeleine Carroll in The 39 Steps.

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The idea that a bullied, abused woman will eventually come around to affection for her attacker is a particularly weird fantasy, combining a touch of sadism with immature romanticism.

But it’s a well-established cinematic trope at this point.

In the Saturday morning break-in, security camera footage shows large vehicle backing into the warehouse through a loading dock door.

The vehicle, which appeared to be a minivan, had its back window smashed in so the thieves could put the boxes in more quickly.

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