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In Recipe 3.3 below on preventing buffer overflows, and in all of the recipes in the book's "Input Validation" chapter, we assume that people are connected to our software, and that some of them may send malicious data (even if we think there is a trusted client on the other end).Take things of type CHAR, then convert them to integers.cin.clear() - This is used to clear the error state of the buffer so that further processing of input can take place.

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If you really wanted to use it to validate user input, then you should read the input as a string.

I get maybe two dozen requests for help with some sort of programming or design problem every day.

In this case it would be an input that is not an integer.

If the cin fails then the input buffer is kept in an error state.

Nearly every active attack out there is the result of some kind of input from an attacker.

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