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For these scenarios I have a global handler that will log the unhandled exception right before the app crashes. Since my company made a huge investment in this particular 3rd party provider (both from learning and actual code running with it), I can't just run to another vendor - much less making my own grid control.I tried talking to the vendor so that this gets fixed but they won't do anything in fear of causing breaking changes for other customers (understandable).Data Grid View とは、便利なスプレッドシートっぽいコントロールでいろんなことができて便利だが、小難しいことをやる時には、 小難しいことをやらないといけなくて、そろその脳がオーバーフローしつつある。 いちいち過去のソースを見るのも面倒になってきたので、ここに覚えがきを書いておく。 Cell Validating をハンドルして、e.

There's no way for me to handle it other than wrapping my validation code in a try/catch block that catches everything.

Of course I don't want my code to throw any exceptions, but hey... If that ever happens, I'd much prefer having the app crash and burn than hiding the exception away!

I'm currently having an issue with a 3rd party control library provider.

They have an exception occulting culture that gets in the way of my general fail-fast approach when developing software.

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