Gag bear dating

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Minstrel shows of antebellum America used physical comedy as a way to reinforce stereotypes and mock African-Americans by depicting them as lazy, clumsy, and dim-witted.

In the 19th century, the slapstick was passed to the English and American vaudeville halls, where the most popular acts were comedy based.

that he had his crossbow drawn and it was too late to holster it, meaning the bear was startled even further.

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Naturally, the couple have already dealt with their fair share of questions about when they're going to get married and have babies, with Char only recently insisting that it would be a "joke" for the pair of them to get engaged just now.

Even so, Bear seemed to have plans of his own when he stood up mid-interview and announced: "I've got a ring in my pocket." Woah.

Charlotte Crosby experienced the shock of a lifetime when, for a good few seconds, she believed that Stephen Bear was about to pop the question in front of the Loose Women panel and potentially hundreds of thousands of viewers.

The pair were on the ITV show to discuss just how they loved-up they actually are, with the former Ex On The Beach star explaining that he and Char had been together "every single day" since they first began dating six months ago.

The bear quickly awoke and was startled both by Chase and the windy conditions.

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