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Lavas younger than 1,000 years cover 90 percent of the volcano's surface. The first well-documented eruption of Kīlauea occurred in 1823 (Western contact and written history began in 1778), and since that time the volcano has erupted repeatedly.

Most historical eruptions have occurred at the volcano's summit or its eastern rift zone, and are prolonged and effusive in character.

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"First and foremost, the people (the children and adults). Each personality adds the character to what makes Waiakeawaena. Founded in 1915, it is one of the largest elementary schools on the Big Island with a current enrollment of approximately 700 students.

"Waiākeawaena Elementary School is a Pre K-5 Title I school serving a culturally diverse student population.

Our students are predominantly Native Hawaiian, but our teachers serve a wide range of ethnicities and socioeconomic groups.

About this school - from the Hawaii State Department of Education Waiakeawaena Elementary's commitment to academics is evident in strong professional development opportunities throughout the year that keep teachers abreast of current issues and trends in education.​Unique programs include a science and math gifted-and-talented program, environmental education and inquiry based thinking. Waiakeawaena Elementary has the only elementary school band in Hilo.

This is a must-do for every family visiting the Big Island.

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