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“Oh, it was just a one-night stand, so it didn't count,” was one popular refrain.“We had a lot to drink so I bet he doesn't remember,” was another.

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See for example the perennial popularity of books advising women to withhold sex in order to secure love, such as The Rules, which has been around for over 20 years and is still inexplicably going strong.

As you have probably guessed I've never understood this way of thinking.

Another week, another sex survey purporting to reveal the habits of the British bedroom …

this time from student newspaper The Tab, which surveyed student attitudes towards sex and revealed that some 20 per cent of young women admit to skewing the number of partners they've had down, while 12 per cent of young men bump the numbers up. After all, when student sex is so widely talked about in the papers, on reality shows, and in magazines, surely the stigma for women of having multiple sexual partners is less than it was in the past. The aesthetic of sexual attractiveness and availability that gets so much stick in the media from both left and right wing alike still presupposes that the women who 'look the part' (whatever that means) still play hard to get when the time comes.

For Tanya Brown, her sister's brutal death unleashed years of depression and drug and alcohol abuse that culminated in her almost taking her own life in 2004.

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