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Her feeling about her new home, a place she describes as “a big city, small town,” is, “Say yes to everything! At first she minimized her disability, saying, “I didn’t put it out there.” Today, she dates men she finds attractive and interesting.

She feels that if someone has a problem with her being disabled, “I should not be dating them.” When asked about challenges, Mulligan said her disability “is more in my head.” More often than not, she finds her disability really does not matter.

Rich Vanderwal, 41, says his self-image took a severe blow after a motorcycle crash 20 years ago left him paralyzed below his armpits.

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It is a notion decidedly debunked by the film "The Sessions," based on the true story of a man paralyzed by childhood polio and mostly confined to an iron lung, who at age 38 longs to experience sexual intimacy for the first time in his life.

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