Nana heechul dating

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K-Population is an online store that sells all things Asian, from K-pop merchandise to Korean fashion to cute asian gadgets. Check us out on Tumblr ( or contact AFF user Aishmin During their entrance exams result Sungjong was stunned to see that the student who topped the examination is none other than his former classmate, Kim Myungsoo. Down the line, they also meet a male model named Lee Chang Sun who is very popular with women and he quickly becomes attracted to Michelle when they first meet. Son Chanmi is a young student teacher at Seoul High.

The two supposedly met thanks to a close acquaintance, Super Junior's Heechul.

Cho A's label FNC Entertainment has responded to the reports with, "We are currently getting in touch with Cho A to confirm the news.

We will reveal our official statement once we can contact her." Stay tuned for updates.

Knetz has the rumor that Cho A is pregnant with this Lee Suk Jin, thus her absence to take care of it oversea, to avoid any info leaks from local clinics.

Shortly after taking to her Instagram to write a letter to fans about her absence from AOA, Cho A has now become wrapped up in dating rumors.

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