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I figure it’s best to be honest and have him understand, rather than have him wonder what’s going on while I’m manic or depressed and need to explain then.

If he can’t handle it, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later, for both parties. C., Coming out as bipolar resembles my journey coming out as gay.

Though that might have been an issue, the melanoma diagnosis I had several years earlier was more weighty; his wife had died of cancer just over a year before.

As soon as you suspect something more [serious], truth is best. D., I usually explain about my bipolar, my support system, and my medication on the first date and let him ask questions.

I know that most men dream about such a woman like me- I am a sincere, loving, caring, I care for good shape and my man will be proud of me. My profession is like an interesting hobby for me, I am an editor in the magazine and I really enjoy it.

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