Hep c and dating

by  |  03-May-2020 13:04

It’s like if she implied that I was not telling the truth!

It’s been over ten years since, but sometimes I think she still suspects that I was doing drugs when I was in high school.

People are genuinely curious, however regarding a chronic condition, questions can often times come off as ignorant or insensitive.

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Evolutionary analysis of hepatitis C virus (HCV) genome sequences has provided insights into the epidemic history and transmission of this widespread human pathogen.

Here we report an exceptionally diverse set of 178 HCV genotype 2 (HCV-2) isolates from 189 patients in Amsterdam, comprising 8 distinct HCV subtypes and 10 previously not recognized, unclassified lineages.

You will scarcely find someone who is only looking for a casual hook-up or short term dating.

This is, therefore, the perfect place to meet someone if you have long term dating goals.

We observe multiple lineages of the epidemic subtypes 2a, 2b, and 2c (together 67% of HCV-2 infections in Amsterdam), which cluster according to their suspected routes of transmission, specifically, injecting drug use (IDU) and contaminated blood/blood products.

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